Frequently asked questions

My device battery drains very quickly.

Clear any unused applications that are running in the background. Check if your device software is up to date. Please note that the latest Android system version with high performance and advanced features, it may not have with same battery backup compared to old versions, but it will be optimized for future updates (battery backup may differ based on usage)

I'm not getting any internet connection from my second sim card

Please note that if you have two SIM cards inserted in your device, only one will connect to a 3G/4G network. The other SIM card will only be able to make phone calls and send and receive text messages. If the SIM card cannot be detected, please try switching the SIM card from SIM slot 1 to SIM slot 2. Please configure the APN setting with the network provider or try a different SIM card.

My device does not charge properly

Please make sure the charger/cable is properly connected to the outlet and the device. Try a different charger/cable or power source if possible. If the issue persists, please contact our support team. Please note that long term use of a third-party charger/cable may damage the device and could void your warranty.

My device experiences random reboots

Confirm whether the issue is related with a specific application. If you are experiencing problems with a single app, uninstall and reinstall that app. Make sure that your device is up-to-date. If the issue persists, please back up your device and perform a hard reset.

I can not get a signal

Most signal errors have something to do with your SIM card or network coverage. Make sure the SIM Card is inseted correctly, In your device if you're not getting a signal at all, make sure your card is in the right direction. While NanoSIM to MicroSIM adaptors usually work, some adapters may get stuck in the SIM slot or cause damage to the motherboard. We recommend that you get a new MicroSIM card for your device – they are usually free or very inexpensive from your mobile operator. If you're connected, while 2G and 3G networks are usually available, LTE connectivity can often be weaker depending on your area. Make sure that your SIM card's contacts are clean, and if you're using an adapter, it must not move around once placed on the SIM tray. Confirm APN settings with your network provider to avoid no network/low network issues.